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Active Boys Yoga Club!

Yoga, breathing, mindfulness

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Just yesterday, I wrote about a study that showed that yoga is beneficial for children with ADHD.

So today, I am going to recommend a wonderful yoga program for boys with ADHD.

The Flying Yogis have announced the continuation of their...

"Active Boys Yoga Club"

This yoga club is for boys between the ages of 7-12 years, that have attention and behavioural issues.

Ashtanga yoga is a rigorous system that disciplines the body and mind. It appeals to boys with esteem or anxiety issues as it builds strength, fitness and agility, without the competitiveness or aggression of other sports.

The " Active Boys Yoga Club" mixes:

  • breathing skills, 
  • discussions on yogic philosophies of karma and mindfulness, 
  • a rigorous and structured asana practice to keep body and mind fit and strong, 
  • journal keeping about progress, 
  • plus, some playtime on gymnastics equipment.

The Flying Yogis now offer two Active Boys Club courses that run through school term...

Level 1 Course - compulsory for beginners - Mondays 5:15 pm

Progressive Course - (must have completed the beginners course) - Wednesday 5:15 pm

If your daughter has attention issues, call Amanda - she can recommend specific Flying Yogis classes on the timetable that are suitable for them.

If you're interested, contact Amanda on (02) 9368 0031 or on