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Learning can and should be fun!

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Did you know many ‘fun’ activities underpin learning?

Allow me to share with you an interesting report that supports the above statement…

According to one expert who is a neurologist and teacher, “fun” activities underpin learning.

This researcher explains that many of the fun activities such as art, music, dance and even physical education have been removed from most school curricula.

According to this researcher, all of the “fun” activities have been replaced with increased academic programs added to the curriculum and…… with the expectation that children and adolescents will sit there in straight rows, facing the front of the room and will be engaged by the increased information that they need to retain.

This researcher goes on to say that, “Unfortunately for our children, the policy makers are out of date with the neuroscience of learning. All of the “fun” activities underpin learning.

Some of the fun activities the teddy bears from the “But why...?” series recommend are… learning new information whilst skipping, cycling or trampolining and learning spelling words using playdough or clay.

I’m sure it won’t take much to convince children to have fun whilst learning!

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