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Lifestyle choices to prevent cancer

A report produced by the AICR (American Institute for Cancer Research) and the WCRF (World Cancer Research Fund), has reviewed the data from 30 years of research in the areas of diet, weight, physical activity and cancer.

What the report has confirmed is the link between cancer and lifestyle.

Below are the evidence-based recommendations on how to reduce cancer risk

1. Be a healthy weight, as there is strong evidence that being overweight/obese is a cause of many cancers.

2. Keep physically active.

3. Consume a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, legumes and beans.

4. Limit consumption of fast foods.

5. Limit consumption processed foods high in fat, starches or sugars.

6. Limit consumption of red processed meat.

7. Limit consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks.

8. Limit consumption of alcohol.

9. Do not use high-dose dietary supplements for cancer prevention. Instead, eat a healthy diet to meet your body’s nutritional needs.

10. New mothers should breastfeed their babies. The WHO (World Health Organisation) also recommends exclusively breastfeeding a new infant for at least 6 months and then up to 2 years alongside appropriate complementary nutrition.

11. For individuals who have received a diagnosis of cancer…. The report suggests individuals seek professional help to improve their nutrition and physical activity, in order to improve their survival rates.

If you would like to read the full report go to this Medscape article.

Points 1-8 also help you manage your health and help to reduce your risk of Type II Diabetes, Heart Disease, and many other debilitating chronic diseases of the 21st Century!