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Meditation can help children with ADHD!

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I’m sure you all know how important it is to relax every day!

Did you know… research has revealed that there is evidence supporting meditation for children with ADHD?

Allow me to share with you some interesting research findings that support the above statement…

A study was conducted in 2004 to investigate whether meditation could be used as a family treatment method for children with ADHD.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation was taught to parents and children who participated in a 6-week program at the Sydney Children’s Hospital in Australia.

The children and their parents attended the hospital clinic two times per week for meditation sessions and also continued with meditation at home.

Results showed improvements in children’s ADHD behaviour, self-esteem and relationships.

The children were interviewed and expressed feeling less anxious at home with improved sleeping routines.

The children also stated that they were more able to concentrate at school and that they had less conflict at school.

Parents reported feeling happier, less stressed and more able to manage their child’s behaviour.

Perhaps you might like to consider finding meditation classes in your local area and taking the whole family.

Or... you might want to find a nice spot in your garden or by the beach and you can sit quietly with your child and teach them to focus on their breath.

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