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Swimming prepares your child for learning

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Apart from the obvious safety aspects, it is important for your child/children to learn to swim, as it prepares them for learning.

According to research conducted at Griffith University in Australia, children who learn to swim show improvement in both physical and mental abilities.

The study revealed that children who learn to swim at an early age, go on to school better equipped to learn.

Both their gross motor skills and their fine motor skills improve.

Their cognitions improve, hence their ability to read, write and count are better than children who cannot swim.

Children who learn to swim were found to be between 6-15 months ahead of their peers.

Their physical skills were 7 months ahead of their peers.

Their cognitive skills were 10 months ahead of their peers. So their skills in mathematical problem solving, counting, reading, writing and language expression were more advanced.

Their socio-emotional skills were 15 months ahead of their peers and so they were better at following instructions among other things.

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