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Yoga can improve learning for children with ADHD

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I’m sure you have all heard about the importance of relaxation!

Did you know, that having a daily relaxation routine improves both your physical and mental health?

Did you know that children with ADHD who practice yoga and meditation, do better at school?

Allow me to share with you some interesting research findings that support the above statement…

A study was conducted in 2013 to examine the effects of yoga, meditation and a behavioral therapy program for children aged between 6 to 11 years with ADHD.

Yoga and meditation lead to benefits in children with ADHD... 50% of the children improved in their academic performance and behaviour.

So, which relaxation activities are good for children with ADHD, you might ask?

Let me give you a few suggestions… yoga, meditation and deep breathing.

“But why… RELAX like that?” uses the teddy bear characters from the “But why…?” book series, to encourage children to do specific relaxation exercises every day!

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