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You are not your genes!


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Did you know that… that your environment can affect your genes?

In my previous Blog, I outlined how to… “Follow a low-stress lifestyle”

A low-stress lifestyle can be achieved by following some simple advice:

1 Include a low-stress diet into your life

2 Avoid high-stress foods, drinks and activities

3 Exercise daily

4 Relax every day

5 Rest and sleep effectively

6 Educate yourself and your family

7 Clean up your home environment from toxic chemicals and potential allergens

Today, I will elaborate a little on point 7 – your environment!

According to research in the field of EPIGENETIC, which is the study of how the environment affects the expression of genes…

A research study has found that environmental risk factors play a critical role in how the symptoms of ADHD are expressed.

The environmental factors that influence gene expression are: diet, stress, exercise, behaviour, thoughts, toxins, medications, chemicals, etc.

These environmental factors either switch parts of the gene on or switch parts of the gene off.

The significance of this is immense, as this means everything we do influences our DNA, which in turn influences our physical and mental wellbeing.

This is why I place such a huge emphasis on making healthy lifestyle choices, for our children and for all of our family.

So choose… decide whether you want to influence your child’s genes for the better or not!

The choice is always yours!