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Benefits of movement for mental and physical health!

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Did you know that... exercising regularly can improve your mental and physical health.

“Follow a low-stress lifestyle”

A low-stress lifestyle can be achieved by following some simple advice:-

  1. Include a low-stress diet into your life
  2. Avoid high-stress foods, drinks and activities
  3. Exercise daily
  4. Relax every day
  5. Rest and sleep effectively
  6. Educate yourself and your family
  7. Clean up your home environment from toxic chemicals and potential allergens

Today, I will elaborate a little on point 3 - Exercise daily!

According to many research articles that I have read over the years…

Exercise has many health benefits. It is good for you as it improves:

  • your mental health...
  • your concentration...
  • and your memory.

It improves your:

  • physical health...
  • heart...
  • breathing...
  • coordination...
  • and balance

It also decreases:

  • stress...
  • anxiety...
  • depression...
  • and aggression

So choose… decide whether you want to exercise or not!

The choice is always yours! Just ask yourself one question before you choose... What sort of role model do you want to be for family, friends and children?

Sometimes it’s not what you say to children, but what you do!

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