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How simple diet changes can reduce hyperactivity

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Another friendly reminder about the importance of having the right diet.

Did you know that… elimination diets have the potential to reduce hyperactivity-related symptoms in some children.

In 2008, a review was published that found five clinical trials which looked at the role of diet on anti-social behaviour.

The reviewer found that elimination diets reduced hyperactivity-related symptoms in certain children.

Children's behaviours improved after the elimination of a wide variety of food items. However, the elimination patterns were specific to each child.

The most common sensitivities revealed in children, were for artificial colours (e.g. tartrazine) and the preservative sodium benzoate and to certain foods (such as cow’s milk, chocolate, grapes, wheat, oranges, cow’s cheese and hen’s eggs).

If your child is displaying behaviours that could be classified as anti-social or ADHD, perhaps it's time to find a Doctor that can conduct some tests to investigate if your child has any specific food sensitivities that may be leading to their behaviour patterns.

When my daughter was 10 years old, I had her tested. What we discovered was that she was sensitive to foods high in salicylates. In particular, she reacted to tomatoes, olives, peanuts and corn. She was also found to be sensitive to wheat and lactose intolerant.

As a result, I changed her diet and within three weeks her behaviour changed. I found this very helpful. Maybe this can help you and your child. It might be worth investigating.

Think about it!