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Children learn better when all their senses are engaged.

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Did you know that… children learn better when all their senses are engaged?

Allow me to share with you an interesting report that supports the above statement…

According to a report written by an educator who is also a neurologist, research has shown that brain maps of students in the process of learning new information have revealed that the “most active areas of the brain, when new sensory information is received, are the somatosensory cortex areas”.

What that means is… that as more senses are stimulated, during the learning process, the better the storage of new information, will occur in the long-term memory.

Senses such as: vision, hearing, touch, movement, and smell can all play a part in helping children remember information more effectively.

For example, some children need to move to learn the times tables.

My daughter learnt hers whilst bouncing on a trampoline!

How will your child learn theirs?

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