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Use aromatherapy oils to trigger memory

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Did you know that… smell and memory are linked in our brains?

An article was published that discussed how memories triggered by an odour were accompanied by greater activity in the limbic system of the brain, which is related to emotions and memory.

Since smell and memory are closely linked in the brain, why not use it to help your child.

Pick an aroma that your child likes such as, peppermint oil, and place two drops in an oil burner when they are doing their homework. Then, when they have a test to do at school, dab two drops only, of the peppermint oil onto the collar of their uniform and on a hanky and place it in their pocket. Then at school, they can smell the peppermint on their collar or hanky to help them trigger the memories related to their learning.

Why not try it, what have you got to loose?