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Does your child have behaviour problems? Take another look at their foods

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I know I don’t have to keep reminding you how important it is to eat healthy food.

But… did you know that the consumption of a high ‘junk food” diet in children aged 4.5 years was associated with behavioural problems by age 7.

In 2009, a study was published where a group of researchers were interested in determining whether a “junk food” diet at age 4.5 years was associated with behavioural problems at age 7.

These researchers used the data from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC). Approximately 4000 children were recruited at birth, in 1991/92 from the UK for this study.

The results revealed that children who ate a high “junk food” diet in early childhood, were more likely to be in the top 33% on the hyperactivity subscale by 7 years of age.

The types of “junk food” consumed were:

  • chocolate bars ≥4 times/week
  • crisps ≥4 times/week
  • 577 grams of non-milk extrinsic sugar/week

They were also less likely to consume vegetables.

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