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Is there a link between mobile phone use and ADHD symptoms?

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In my book, “But why… SLEEP like that?” I have endeavoured to create a good bedtime routine for children.

The first recommendation in creating a good bedtime routine is to… switch off all electronic devices that your child may be using, at least one hour prior to their bedtime and to remove all electronic devices from their bedroom.

According to a leading expert in the area of environmental health, electronic devices such as ovens, mobile phones, cordless phones and Wi-Fi (WLAN) all emit pulsed microwave radiation.

So, today I have decided to discuss the issue of mobile phones and whether they affect young children.

In 2013, a study was published which looked at mobile phone usage and ADHD symptoms in children.

A total of 2,422 children were examined and followed for 2 years. The parents and guardians of these children were given questionnaires to answer about the children’s mobile phone use and their behaviours.

The results revealed that… the number of outgoing calls per day, the average time spent per voice call, and the cumulative time spent on voice calls… showed increased risks for ADHD symptoms.

So… the greater the usage of mobile phones the greater the exposure, which was associated with a greater risk of displaying ADHD symptoms.

Also, the researchers found that mobile phone use for playing games or internet use was significantly associated with ADHD symptoms.

I understand that it is challenging to remove electronic devices from your child’s room, however, you are the parent and there is research evidence to show a link between behavioural problems and mobile phone use.

So, the choice is always yours.

To remove the electronic gadgets or not.


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