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Philosophy improves academic performance

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Today, I’d like to discuss PHILOSOPHY.

Is philosophy still useful in society today?

Allow me to share the results from a school project, that attempts to answer that question…

A project was conducted in 48 primary schools throughout the UK and involved 3000 children aged between 9-10 years.

The children spent one hour per week and discussed concepts such as…

  • knowledge
  • truth
  • justice
  • fairness
  • ethics
  • and, they were also given time for quiet contemplation.

According to an independent evaluation, the students who were taught philosophy improved in maths and reading skills by approximately two months.

Children from the most disadvantaged backgrounds improved in writing skills by two months, maths skills by three months and reading skills by four months.

Well, that’s definitely an interesting way to improve your child’s academic performance. In fact, the benefits are far-reaching, these children also improved in…

  • confidence
  • patience
  • and self-esteem.

I hope that answers the question for you. I know it answers the question for me!

You may want to consider discussing this with your child’s teacher and principal.

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