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Massages are not only great for parents, but also children


· Relaxing,advice,Behaviour

I’m sure you all know that having a massage is relaxing!

Did you know... research has revealed that massage is beneficial for children with ADHD?

A study was conducted in 2003 to investigate whether massage or exercise therapy would be effective in reducing symptoms in school-aged children with ADHD.

Results revealed that all parents involved in the study indicated a positive experience for them and their children.

Positive comments reported after 6 weeks of massage were: improved anger control, improvement in mood, more restful sleep and an improvement in social functioning, and improvement in focusing at school.

Positive comments reported after 6 weeks of exercise were: improvement in the ability to do homework and to cope in stressful situations.

“But why… RELAX like that?” uses the teddy bear characters from the “But why…?” book series, to encourage children to have a massage!

In this case, I don’t think children will need much convincing from the teddy bears!

I suggest you give your child a 5 minute back rub at bedtime whether they have ADHD or not. It will help them drift off to sleep, happier and faster!