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Maths can be fun!

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For some children learning basic maths concepts is challenging.

So what can you do about it?

As I mentioned last week children learn through repetition. What I also noted was that children get bored easily and hate repetition.

Here are some fun ways for your child to learn their times tables whilst having fun…

  • ask your child to write out their times tables in coloured pencils/crayons etc.,
  • make their times tables out of playdough or clay,
  • have them skipping a rope whilst saying their times tables,
  • take them cycling to the park and ask them random times tables questions,
  • have them jumping on a trampoline and ask them to say their times tables out a loud.

That is how my daughter learnt her times tables, and she loved it And as for addition and subtraction...

Let’s say your child has an interest in insects. Find a store that sells miniature toy insects, buy a bag of them and use them to teach your child to add and subtract.

It doesn’t matter what their interest is, it could be pebbles, toy cars, shells, crystal beads etc., as long as your child finds it fascinating then it will be a more interesting way for them to learn basic mathematical concepts like addition, subtraction and multiplication.

Make it fun, that way, it won’t seem so much of a chore!

If you have any clever ideas that have worked for you and your child, please feel free to share.

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