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Mindfulness and Martial arts, are good for boys with ADHD

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By now, you have heard how important it is for you to practice relaxation techniques every day.

But, did you know… research has shown that relaxation techniques can have a positive impact on the lives of children with ADHD?

Allow me to share with you an interesting research study that supports the above statement…

In 2012, a group of researchers had a look at the impact a 20-week mindfulness training program had on a group of adolescent boys with Learning Disabilities. These boys were also diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety.

This group of boys were put through a program called the Integra Mindfulness Martial Arts program which included…

mindfulness meditation, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), behaviour modification and mixed martial arts.

At the conclusion of the study, the boys showed improvement in externalizing behaviours (i.e. improvements in disruptive, hyperactive, and aggressive behaviours).

  • The boys with oppositional defiant problems and conduct problems, improved.
  • The boys with hyperactive/impulsive symptoms showed improvement.
  • The boys that had issues with attention, improved.
  • The boys with anxiety had a reduction in their symptoms too.

According to the researchers, the Mindfulness Martial Arts program shows promise as an alternative option for adolescent boys diagnosed with Learning Disabilities, ADHD and Anxiety.

You may also be interested in finding a psychologist that practices cognitive behavioural therapy and behaviour modification techniques, for your child. Working with a professional will help both you and your child.

As far as martial arts go, they are all very good for helping your child with focus, discipline and coordination. I have written a blog about Tai Chi previously, as the research shows that it helps children with ADHD.

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