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Yoga for preschoolers

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Previously, I have written about the research supporting the practice of yoga for mental health issues!

There’s no doubt about it, kids as young as two and three are experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety. Our crazy busy lifestyle, with compulsive attachment to screens, is beginning to be regarded as a keen contributor to the rise of ADD and ADHD in young kids.

KarmaKidsYoga, was founded by Beth Borowsky who has a Masters in Early Childhood and Montessori Teaching and is a qualified yoga teacher for both children and adults.

Beth has been offering yoga classes to preschool aged children since 2005. The classes include cultivating conscious breathing and mindfulness.

These classes have been introduced to childcare centres and preschools in Sydney, and have been giving children, from an early start, the tools to manage stress and anxiety.

These yoga classes also teach children to feel good about themselves, both inside and out.

According to Beth, “If we can expose young children to the joys of calm quiet time and deeper breathing through kids yoga, we will be helping them to use the tools of their breath and yoga movements in times of stress, anger or sadness. Priceless!”

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