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Regular exercise can help with ADHD-related attention difficulties

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I’m sure you have all heard about the importance of exercise by now!

Did you know, that daily exercise may help those with ADHD by increasing the production of the brain chemicals responsible for controlling the attention system in the brain?

In 2009, an interview was published in Medscape Psychiatry with a Harvard professor who is an expert in ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). This professor is a strong advocate of exercise for those diagnosed with ADD. In his learned opinion, he believes that exercise helps those with ADD by increasing the production of the brain chemicals called: norepinephrine and dopamine.

These two brain chemicals are responsible for controlling the attention system in the brain. This Harvard professor believes that exercise is like taking a stimulant, without the side effects profile. He goes on to recommend aerobic and strength training for those with an ADD diagnosis, combined with balance training. 

Exercise has also shown positive benefits in many areas: it can help with anxiety, depression, hostility, aggression, stress and the cardiovascular system. 

So, which exercise activities are good for children with ADD or ADHD, you might ask?

Let me give you a few suggestions… Tai chi, long walks and yoga.

“But why… EXERCISE like that?” uses the teddy bear characters from the “But why…?” book series, to encourage children to exercise daily!

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