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Yoga style breathing improves

visuo-spatial perception!

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I’m sure you all know that it's important to relax!

Did you know, that having a daily relaxation routine improves both your physical and mental health?

Did you know that children with ADHD can use alternate nostril yoga breathing, to help them improve their visuo-spatial perception?

A study was conducted to investigate the effects of alternate nostril yoga breathing on a group of 135 school-aged children.

The children were trained to practice a variety of different breathing techniques four times a day, for ten days.

Then, they were assessed on a verbal memory task (which is specific to the left hemisphere of the brain) and a visuo-spatial memory task (which is specific to the right hemisphere of the brain). 

The alternate nostril yoga breathing group showed improved visuo-spatial scores at the end of 10 days.

This study is important for children and adolescents with ADHD, as many of them are visuo-spatial learners. This simple yoga breathing technique can improve aspects of their learning.

So, why not try this activity with your child who has been diagnosed with ADHD?