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Screen time impacts children with ADHD!

I’m sure you have all heard about internet addiction by now, but how does this impact children with ADHD?

A group of researchers wanted to find out if there was a relationship between the use of the internet and non-internet-based (off-line) video gaming with ADHD.

These researchers found that children with ADHD, are more likely to overuse the internet. Also, the more severe the ADHD symptoms, the greater the use of electronic games.

They also concluded that the time spent on electronic games was associated with an aggravation and worsening of ADHD symptoms.

What that means is... the more time a child with ADHD spends on e-devices and games, the worse their behaviour may become.

This can impact their learning, socialising, eating and sleeping.

As parents, we should be thinking of limiting the use of e-devices and video games. It's up to us to help our children. We need to set the limits for them. We need to make the difficult decisions.

If your child loves playing these games, then perhaps use them as a reward if they complete certain tasks, such as homework or chores around the house. But remember to limit their use to, let's say, 30 minutes only in the afternoon on school days.

Another helpful tip, do not allow your child to use any e-devices or play video games for at least one hour before bedtime. You do not want to over-stimulate their brains at bedtime.

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