• The Books

    Providing children with ADHD... easy, practical, evidence-based, healthy lifestyle activities to positively impact their lives.

    But why... HELP

    like that?

    Book 1

    The introduction of our four helper bears and the first of six evidence-based children's books.

    But why... EAT

    Like that?

    Book 2

    Eating from a rainbow of fruits and vegetables every day never seemed like more fun!

    But why... EXERCISE like that?

    Book 3

    We help give you ideas about what exercises your kids can do daily to improve their brain and body.

    But why... RELAX

    like that?

    Book 4

    Relaxing on a daily basis is an important skill for your children to learn. Let the Bears help you.

    But why... SLEEP

    like that?

    Book 5

    Establishing a good bedtime routine is critical to your children's development. Check out our helpful tips in the Sleep book.

    But why... LEARN

    like that?

    Book 6

    Learning how to learn is one of the biggest challenges children face. Let the bears help you find creative ways to help your kids learn better.

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